Business services, also known as non-disruptive services, are services such as electricity and natural gas, which must be available at all times during a period of termination of the contract. In addition, the service is not subject to any prior rights of another customer and enjoys the same priority as any other fixed service. Conditional fixed service is similar to fixed service, as it is reserved and takes precedence over intercalable service. However, it may have limits, for example.B periods when it is limited before the fixed service, but depending on the intercalable service. The unit cost of this service is called a flat rate or an uninterrupted rate. The opposite of Firm Service is the non-enterprise service, also known as interruptible service or As-Available Service. The unit cost of this service is defined as a non-fixed tariff or an interrogable tariff. The interlayable load is the part of the load of a utility that comes from clients with a prohibitable service. The carrier may refuse to provide the service under this Agreement if and for as long as the shipper is late in accordance with its fixed contract of carriage or the GTC. Every day during the term of a fixed contract of carriage, the consignor has the right to request a service in accordance with this tariff and the general conditions. The first is a booking fee which relates to the amount of capacity booked by the customer. This fee shall be paid irrespective of the amount of capacity actually used. The second load is based on the amount of capacity consumed.

Infill rates are volumetric and are based only on the amount of gas or electricity supplied. The fixed service cannot be in unfavourable conditions, such as.B. In times of high demand, be interrupted. However, the fixed service may also relate to a service covered by a long-term contract, for example.B. a year or more. There are extreme cases where fixed services can be interrupted, for example.B. in an emergency and when the vulnerability of the system is threatened. Services to households and small businesses are generally fixed….