I feel extremely betrayed by the Academy and the sale of its course on Groupon. Nothing on the announcement indicates that it was only for a 30-day trial. Changes to pricing and service plans. We reserve the right to change our service plans and the price of our service from time to time. Shaw Academy will inform you of any price changes in advance. We will publish and/or inform you of changes made to this page, either by the members` user interface, the user interface of membership and payments, and/or other appropriate means. B for example by e-mailing to the email address listed in your account, or in some other way. Changes in the price of subscription subscriptions will take effect at the beginning of the next subscription period, after the price change date. Changes in the price of subscription subscriptions will take effect at the beginning of the next subscription period, after the price change date. Be sure to read such a price change notification carefully and if you have any questions or concerns about your account, please contact us at newmembershipplans@shawacademy.com. So be sure to read such a price change notification carefully. N`paulkavanagh@shawacademy.com still no answer.

Shaw Academy is a scam. When you sign up, they mention a “free trial” and ask you to sign up for free courses. Then they remove your credit card for the “course toolbox” and don`t charge you or charge a receipt. It`s a Fraud. The customer service mentioned refunds cannot be issued, as Shaw Academy only aims to rip you off for money. Don`t log in. It`s not free. Beware of displaying your card data.

I signed up to try to rate Shaw Academy as a learning platform for my business, but the day I signed up for a free 30-day subscription, my credit card was debited. I sent an email a day and emailed proof that no purchase had been made, that I had been charged twice for the same price – and that I had not yet been refunded. I opened an account with Show Academy while they offer a free course, but at that time they ask for account details. After completing this free course, I deactivated my account. Today, after 4 months of deactivating my account, he removed 70 AUDs from my account without telling me. Okay, so I came to the Academy signing up for a free trial, I was charged, and I didn`t get my money back, and I got my “Life” account for free. The person I spoke to — Ross — said that I would not be overwhelmed because my card information had been removed from the webist. YET TODAY I WENT INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT AND SEE THAT I WAS CHARGED FOR SOMETHING THAT SUPPOSIGNLY SHOULD BE FREE. So I`m starting to take the Photoshop course with a free subscription for a month from Shaw Academy. (Early March 1) So after 25 days I thought I should be my member cuz I might forget to do it before reloading, so I went to their site and I wasn`t able to cancel it.

I tried on their app and it didn`t work very well. I found out I had ti callthem to cancel it, and that`s what I did, and she told me packets of new classes of new discounts even tho I told her I wanted to cancel. After 15 minutes, she told me to send them an email to cancel my subscription, and I didn`t calm down on where to send my resignation. So I sent them an email on Whatsapp to resiliate my subscription, because when I first started, they told me I could reach them via Whatsapp, and I have the evidence. So I asked them to resign from my membership on March 26, but no one said it, I think and they calculated me on March 29. I went to their other guest reviews, they have a lot of 1 star and heap of anger in their comments, each had the same problem.