You can keep abreast of new versions of SPA by recording your data on the Proactis portal. This agreement was developed in collaboration with local authorities, the Local Government Association and pro5 to create a pathway to the market for the acquisition of software and related services, in order to enable local authorities in the United Kingdom to provide services to their citizens. B such as the collection and payment of income and services, as well as the provision of legal functions such as social assistance, planning, environmental and building control, as well as the provision of social housing. This framework covers a number of data hosting services, including co-location, private cloud, public cloud and Community Cloud. This allows organizations to have data stored by an external party as an alternative to storage in an internal infrastructure. Scotland Excel offers a number of procurement, training and consulting services that offer savings, efficiency and skills. The framework is an agreement between several suppliers. Organizations can use the framework for mini-competitions or a direct allocation option for contracts made under the framework. SPA offers a simple basic service.

We bring together buyers and suppliers to build, rehabilitate and preserve social housing and public property, more efficiently and cheaply, and to use the local community. Our frameworks for local authorities, social donors and other public bodies have been developed and developed to ensure comprehensive coverage. And we are improving procurement systems and processes: the agreement allows access to specialized suppliers who can provide services under a single batch, as well as to suppliers who can provide multiple services through a number of lots, facilitated by a cooperation agreement. All services related to the provision of the product groups described above will be taken into account as part of this framework. This agreement was developed in collaboration with the Government Digital Service (GDS). It is a certificate of ability for public sector organizations to take important steps towards the default digital agenda. Its main objective is to provide technology services to central governments, local authorities and NHS trusts. The Network Services Agreement provides customers with access to telecommunications networks and services, including NSP-compliant services.

It offers savings, choices and flexibility for all publicly funded organizations; while ensuring compliance with the government`s broader technology strategy through our ongoing engagement with the Government Digital Service (GDS). The Public Procurement Reform Act 2014 (Scotland) builds on the work of public procurement reform, providing direction to governments and defining responsibilities and responsibilities for public procurement. The project to implement the ADDS framework is underway and we estimate that it will be allocated in June 2016. The framework is an agreement between several suppliers. For more information on the commercial crown services framework, see: It provides access to specialized providers who can provide services within the 10 individual lots, as well as to providers who can provide multiple services through a number of lots. The ability to appoint an agent obtained on your behalf under this agreement provides additional flexibility for complex requirements. The DATS framework began on 13 May 2015 for an initial period of two years, with two further one-year periods and is available to all Scottish public bodies.