Again, this can be an unpleasant question. Is it really necessary to go through every detail? Absolute. Ask for a list that includes everything the site produces (from waiters and sheets to special services like cloakroom and valet parking). Make sure you know exactly what you`re buying and what costs more. This minimizes the possibility of additional unexpected charges on your wedding day. One of the biggest mistakes couples make is shyness in asking questions, according to Danielle Couick, creative director and director at Magnolia Bluebird Design & Events. Keep in mind that a wedding venue is usually a pretty big investment, so be sure to ask for anything you don`t realize. Don`t be afraid to be specific. For example, if they include the cake in your package, ask for more details so you know exactly what you`re getting. The wedding venue contract template and the venue contract template cover the key points that will help you avoid the most common problems: it`s always a good idea to get the names of the people in charge of the room on your wedding day in case you need their help.

Get the name of the manager who will be working on your wedding day and the name of an acceptable substitute in case something happens. Note for venues: Book more events, plan them faster and save time with Eazyplan! Create your free account with Eazyplan (the Free Get Started button in the top right corner). The timing is all about your wedding day, so you want to make sure your pros (like the florist and DJ) can start when they need to. Confirm with the reception venue that your sellers can come early to set up so you don`t have any problems on the day of the event. The location contract template available for download below covers most of these elements. Eazyplan provides free documents and templates for event planning. Scroll down to download a typical location contract template. Whether you work for a venue or need a template as a client, you`ll find it useful and save time planning your event. The contract covers all important issues that could otherwise lead to a stressful planning process. When writing this detail, make sure you have a firm reservation for the room. (Read: No guests or surprise events on your wedding day.) Choosing the venue for your wedding is an important (and also expensive) decision.

According to The Knot Real Weddings study, booking a wedding venue is the most expensive decision couples make when planning. .