From time to time, you can sell your home to the tenant. While many people rent because they can`t afford to buy a home, it`s possible that your tenants have saved up for the purchase. It is possible that you can negotiate certain conditions with a bank or mortgage union that could offer attractive conditions to your tenants. The road is long, but it is the perfect solution for some. Landlords must obtain permission from the tenant before entering the house to take pictures. The tenant can refuse photos of his personal belongings. After a lessor has given four months` notice at the end of the lease, the tenant`s responsibilities remain within the scope of the contract until the end of the lease, which means that the owner of the property cannot let the tenant go because he decides to sell the property. The tenant can stay until the end of the term and the buyer takes over the lease. If you want to sell your home to a buyer who is not an owner, the property must be completely empty when handing over the keys. This could be a problem if you have tenants who don`t want to leave.

I let my tenants know about 4 and a half months ago that the house is going to be put on the market, they now refuse to let me in with a real estate agent to take pictures that I have been asking for for 2 months and I still refuse what I can do ??? The other clause is this: if I decide to terminate my agreement prematurely, I will be liable until another Tennant is found. However, the owner sold the property. If you have decided that the best thing to do is to get rid of your tenant before the sale (for whatever reason), the usual rules apply and you must terminate the lease legally, which may mean that you have to get comfortable and wait several months. If a property is removed by a financial institution that has not consented to the rental of the property, it can give the tenant 2 months (30 days to host the accommodation) using a notice of eviction from the lender to the tenant (Form 19) or a notice of eviction from the mortgage lender to the tenant (Form R19) for housing the units. If they have agreed to it being used as a leased property, they can terminate a periodic contract with a period of 2 months, but not a fixed-term contract earlier than the deadline, unless the tenant agrees. If a landlord plans to sell a leased property, the lease continues.