A sales contract is valid for a period defined by the person who draws it up. The desired shipping date of a sale indicated in the order form must be within the validity period. By default, a sales contract is frozen. You can only order from a sales contract if it is valid. In my example, I will enter into an agreement with an obligation for a certain quantity of a given product (product volume obligation). Please provide instructions and assistance on how to link the customer order to the sales contract after the creation of SO? First, you need to select a customer for the agreement and classify the agreement in the Sales Contract Classification field. This field is used to group agreements. The main feature of the sales agreement is that the client orders (release orders) are followed by the sale agreement and a simple mechanism for verifying the objectives of the sales agreement (which normally consists of increasing the turnover) has been fulfilled: – Update the line > create an active link option when SO has been established with a sales contract and the item is in the sales contract. You can create one link per distribution line from update line /create link In the Line Details tab, it is almost possible to add more details to the line. An important option is for Max to be forced. This determines whether a user can exceed the agreed volume when creating a sales order. If defined, as in the example below, the agreed volume cannot be exceeded. The system automatically fills in the currency field with the default currency assigned to the selected customer.

However, this may be cancelled for the specific agreement. If the customer`s order is displayed as shipped and/or invoiced in Microsoft Dynamics AX, the remaining quantities or amounts, released, delivered, invoiced will be updated in the details of the distribution contract line on the Execution tab. Thus, in the Sana online shop, the customer can always consult the current information of the sales contract. A commercial allowance is established for one or more customers for one or more items. I agree. As I said before, you can just look at the linked agreement and there is no way to change that to SO. The “Continue searching” flag in the sales/discount agreement indicates whether the system stops its search if it finds an agreement or continues its search. If more than one price/discount is found, the system gives the customer the lowest maximum price/discount they find. Click Update> Sales Agreement> Create Orders link> using the sales order form and applying the terms of a sales contract.

If you choose a sales contract when creating a new sales order, you can choose from the product lines and categories indicated in the sales contract. You can also choose products and categories that are not indicated in the sales contract. Hi Lachla, nice video. But I have a question.. Is it possible to create an agreement and have multiple customers using it? I would like to do this because I have a lot of clients and it is simply not possible to make a deal for each of them. Your help would be much appreciated. The creation of a distribution contract in D365FO is thus completed. In my next post, I will study how to create a sales order based on the sales contract. I choose the agreement and click on “user agreement” and if I give the customer order, I receive the discount percentages defined by the sales agreement: to create a new distribution contract, go to distribution and marketing / sales / sales contracts. On the menu, click New to create a new agreement.

Volume Agreement – You sell a product in a certain quantity. In the example below, I used the value commitment for the agreement instead. . . .