Concubibinage agreements, also known as “Living Together Agreements”, are usually signed before or shortly after a couple begins to live together. A couple may enter into a concubibining agreement with the intention of addressing things that might happen during the time they live together, but concubibining agreements are most often supposed to address the problems that might arise if their relationship falls apart. @Investing Newbie 7 years old? It is a long time to be considered customary law. Some people don`t even stay married that long! Yes, it might as well get married, right? Here in Canada, it is a year of cohabitation = common law for tax purposes. @Flitterfly- Have you checked with your lawyer if something is coming back to you or not? I`m so sorry to hear about it – it`s a very sad story. The most important thing is that you are safe. The questions then become: What are my rights as a common law partner? Are these the same rights as married couples? The answer is no. Nevertheless, there is a solution to protect you and your spouse in the event of a break-up or death: a concubine contract. When a woman first moved in with her partner, she had a modest income. Her cohabitation contract provided that she had to pay maintenance in the event of separation. Last year, the situation was reversed: your partner lost his job and became an employee.

They then amended their agreement to reflect this new reality. You can write a concubine agreement that will likely have time in court. This is in case you and your partner separate. However, it is recommended that you go to a lawyer to verify that your agreement adequately protects your interests. In addition, it has been properly worded so that it is legally binding. Your Ontario Lawyer Concubine Contract will also explain how the document can become stronger. “Two persons who live together or who intend to live together and who are not married may enter into an agreement by granting their respective rights and obligations during cohabitation or to terminate cohabitation or death, including that concubibining agreements in Ontario are most frequently used by unmarried couples. This is done to describe issues related to debt, assets and real estate sharing. In addition, it can also be used to address the complex aspect of assisting spouses. You can download a sample concubine agreement from the Ministry of Justice website where you will find more useful information and tips. .