If you are unsure of the rental agreement you have or a copy, talk to your housing manager. The following leases contain calendars for solar panels and energy monitoring. These are used when families are equipped with solar collectors and/or energy monitoring devices. These include Lonsdale Court and Barnfield House. What to do if you want to end your rent. Your lease agreement depends on the type of lease you have, the start date of your lease and, in some cases, your address if your home was built after 2015. It is important that you understand your lease. If you violate the terms of this contract, we may take legal action that may cause you to lose your home. Variations of secure rental contracts for certain areas: our housing advisors are here to help with all rental applications. Site: www.crawley.gov.uk/pw/Homes_and_Housing_Services/Finding_and_Moving_Ho… From March 2015 to June 1, 2019, an additional schedule for the solar panel lease was added at the Douster Crescent, Waterfall Crescent and Breezehurst Drive homes in Bewbush. Most tenants, whose initial rent was before April 2013, and new tenants in protected dwellings will likely have such an agreement. The savings function allows the Commission to limit the duration of the loan to six months.

Savings should be sufficient to make a cash deposit either with the same owner or with a new owner, when a new lease is sought. Some residents face additional financial concerns that result in them not being able to save for a new bond. In these cases, the Commission has discretion to extend the duration of the original loan agreement for an additional six months. Crawley Borough Council operates a rent bond system to provide residents with access to private rentals within the district if they do not have the savings to pay a down deposit. As long as they can afford to pay the monthly rent, the Council has an option that could help them be allowed for a new lease. Talk to your housing agents or seek advice regardless of your rental agreement. The main advantage is that this plan includes zero fees or interest charges. This clearly offers an advantage over all credit options to cover the rental deposit.

It also offers a realistic option for someone who has bad loans. They cannot borrow money from most banks, so it is a good idea for them to go to the Council for help if it helps them access new rental housing.