CONSIDERING that we consider each other to be a final provision on the matrimonial issues dealt with here and that we expect that this agreement to be included in every decree of dissolution of Marriage. C. All child care payments are made in accordance with this agreement and are made as follows: [choose one:] – All child care payments are made directly by the appropriate public authority, public servants or the court, which are intended to receive and pay these family allowances in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, or – All child care payments are paid directly to the parent who is covered by the Child Benefit , however, the parent to whom the payments are due reserves the right to require, after written notification to the paying parent, that these family allowances be paid directly to the appropriate national authority, official or court designated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to collect and pay such family allowances. The husband and wife agree that no debt or shared liability can be incurred from the date of this agreement. The husband and wife agree that each person is individually responsible for all debts he or she acquires after the date of this agreement. A marriage contract in Kentucky is a document designed and filed by a married couple if they have agreed on the terms of their divorce. The document must be completed and signed by both parties before the final divorce hearing; Otherwise, the court is allowed to share the couple`s assets as they see fit. Common conditions included in the contract include custody of children, division of property, financial assistance and commitments. While this is not necessary, it is recommended that each spouse have their own legal advice when developing and approving a conjugal transaction contract, to ensure that the agreement is fair and that all important matters are considered. Once the two spouses have signed the contract, the terms of their contract will become legally binding. This agreement establishes the agreement and agreement between the husband and wife with respect to the payment of war goods and finances and replaces all the prior discussions between us.

No amendments or amendments to this Agreement, nor a waiver of the rights of this Agreement, take effect unless it is signed in writing by the party that is debited. The last hearing takes place after all necessary documents have been completed, notified and filed and at least sixty (60) days have elapsed from the filing date. The judge will hear the petitioner`s case and verify the terms of their divorce. If they feel the agreement is right, they will sign a divorce decree. Copies of the decree are mailed or given to both parties, so the divorce is final. After the divorce, women can return to their maiden name if the couple has no children. Otherwise, each party will have to launch a petition to change its name to change its name. Sharing ownership (No. 430.190) – Under the Fair Distribution Act, the court will fairly distribute the couple`s common property if they have not entered into a conjugal transaction agreement. For the division of the couple`s assets, the court takes into account each spouse`s contribution to the acquisition of the property, the value of the property, the duration of the marriage and the economic situation of each spouse. The husband and wife agree that this agreement should be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The husband and wife acknowledge that each entered into this agreement in good faith, without undue coercion or influence. Everyone understands their right to seek independent advice on this agreement and everyone has had the opportunity to seek independent advice before the agreement is signed.