Different types of renewable energy operations include off-site power purchase contracts (PPAs), DE bands, green tariffs, other supply solutions and direct business investment in projects. Every player in the market – buyer or seller – is the real “power” behind these transactional agreements. The focus has been on the terms and conditions for purchasing electricity, but the most compelling aspect of the transactions is the fact that a large number of stakeholders have achieved a single YES. Agreements in the project agreement process range from internal executive buy-in to determining correct pricing and risk conditions. Finally, the willingness of utilities and developers to agree to extend their business model beyond a single approach is clearly the next trend for 2019. With the UC purchasing market growing, diversifying and growing so steadily, we can all continue to agree and hope for what the next five years will bring. The complexity of the AAE is actually very simple. The elevation contract exists only because of the term “agreement.” The conciliation procedure aimed at resolving the impasse between employers and NUMSA during this year`s wage and material negotiations under the aegis of MIBCO continued on 4 December 2019. Since the last conciliation meeting on 18 November 2019, representatives of the RMI and NUMSA have made an informal commitment to reduce the contentious issues. During these informal meetings, considerable progress was made towards a possible agreement, so that a possible regulatory space was identified only for salaries (and all other non-contractual non-salary issues). NUMSA committed to reviewing the proposed settlement area and its regional structures and confirmed on 4 December 2019 that its regional structures have prepared a recommendation for NUMSA`s national leadership, which it must review and approve.

The details of this recommendation are unclear, but the NUMSA negotiating team indicated that this would be a positive recommendation to find a solution. NUMSA has asked the RMI to grant them a week`s grace to test a possible settlement with their national leaders, in exchange for a commitment to return to the RMI negotiating team by December 11, 2019, if we hope that an agreement will be negotiated. The RMI will continue to keep its esteemed members informed of developments and will remain informed of the likelihood of a timely comparison between the parties.