A restaurant employment contract (Fine Dining) allows premium Australian restaurants to temporarily or permanently recruit foreign cooks in which employers can prove that there is no properly qualified Australian employee. The terms of the agreement are already fixed and non-negotiable. According to immigration policy, when a company operates in an area already covered by one of the above interprofessional agreements, there would generally be no other type of employment contract (for example. B a company-specific agreement). Individual applications in such cases must be approved by the Minister of Immigration. There may be exceptions in limited cases where these two requirements are not met. When an employer attempts to include a profession that is not considered “qualified” for this purpose, an important business case must be advanced, and it must also be in the national interest. Permission must also be obtained directly from the Minister of Immigration. If the proposed occupation is already involved under the TSS appointment program, an application for an employment contract should only be made if the employer wishes to obtain a concession for the standard requirements applicable to the designated occupation. A hiring contract allows your company to hire a qualified temporary foreign workforce for trades on the consolidated Employee Sponsor List (CSOL), in which you can prove that no qualified Australian worker is available. A company that enters into an employment contract on a loan basis becomes an approved sponsor and can designate and hire foreign workers in the approved professions. The Ministry continues to work on changes to existing employment contract models to address the Temporary Skills Shortage Program (SST) – including: Employers must continue to demonstrate the continuing need for the labour market instead of simply transferring temporary visa holders into permanent residence.

Employers are also expected to have fulfilled all sponsorship obligations, including training and recruitment obligations, during their current and previous employment contracts. A fishing contract is the only way to enable employers in the fishing industry to hire foreign workers in the “cover” and “fish hand” trades. Employers seeking access to an employment contract with work work must prove that they have a satisfactory record and an ongoing commitment to training Australians.