8) More students than (1)/ one were absent (2)/absent yesterday (3)/no error The verb “were,” used with plural names, corresponds to “overload,” which is a singular noun. Therefore, the verb “was” should be to match the singular noun instead of “were.” 1) The sentence given is quite correct. 🔹Tip – If the subject that is used after “none goal” is singular, it takes a singular verb, and if the subject is plural, it takes a plural 2) `Many a` takes a singular subject and a singular verb. 3) Add `authorized` to `hat` 🔹Inference – In a compound sentence, subsidiary and main verbs should be mentioned separately when they differ in number, form or voice. In such cases, a verb cannot act for both clauses. 4) “Did she work” instead of “she worked” 🔹Insindication – If a sentence is introduced by an adverb, in this case, the reverse form of the verb is used. 5) “she will be” instead of “she wants” 6) was instead of being. 🔹In other points, if two subjects are connected by and/like/in opposition /next to/not/together, the verb corresponds to the first subject. 7) No error 🔹Tip – `more than one` takes on a single name and a singular verb. 8) No error `More.. It`s like taking a pluralistic verb. 9) instead of 🔸handy – one-third ✔️ one-third ❌ but if there is more than one in the number such as two, three, etc. then two-thirds ❌ two-thirds✔️ three fourth ❌ three-quarters✔️ If it is followed by the plural noun noun, then the plural is used in the plural and then it is used by noun or noun.

For example, two-thirds of the book is easy to understand, ✔️ two-thirds of the book was sold. ❌ Two-thirds of the books are sold. ✔️ 16) You had better (1)/hard to study if (2)/ you the exam (3)/ no error 17) I helped (1)/ solve my friend (2)/ this puzzle (3)/ no error The Paralegal believed that there was an overload of cases in the office that generates stress. No mistake 10) It was the students (1)/ who wanted the teacher (2)/ today to declare leave (3)/ no error 11) No student (1)/ and no teacher (2) /was not present (3) /no error 12 ) My (1)/ Friend wrote (2)/ a letter in blue ink (3)/no error 💯click here for important questions of recognition of NOUN errors (with solution) Rebecca`s taste for caviar and expensive chocolates are not a reflection of what she really enjoys, but simply a manifestation of their propensity to spend money without paying attention. No Error The object of the first part of the composed sentence is “Rebecca`s preference.” It`s a unique subject. Therefore, the corresponding verb should be “is,” not “are.” 18) If you got the 99.99 percentile (1)/in the exam, you would be better (2) / the current record (3)/ which was reset in 2009. (4) / no error A pair of support shoes is important if you suffer in the lower back. No error explanation: Replace `is` with `are`. If the object of the sentence is – “much,” verb is always plural.

The right sentence should be: the manager says there are many important details to consider before it starts. When the following words are used as a subject in a sentence, the verb is always plural. Stephanie says she wants to go to university after graduation, but her bad attitude towards senior year studies doesn`t indicate that she`s happy to be a student.