I wrote on Larry King’s blog tonight but didn’t cut the mustard it would appear. I was responding to his interview of Sarah Palin on his show Nov. 12th.

Perhaps my comments against Sarah Palin which didn’t seem any nastier than the others on the blog thread were too much for his moderation panel?
Was it because I called her an opportunistic, double-talking windbag? Or possibly it was the reference to her smarmy grin? Maybe it was the plea to get her off the airwaves. To give those of us living in the lower 48 some respite from her unintelligible, disingenuous, unaware, rambling non-answers?

It might have been my concern that maybe I was insane for tuning in with the hope for something different? Greater expectations too great?

Then again it could have been my parting appeal to Larry and the rest of CNN to reconsider their irritating manner of breaking for yet another commercial instead of providing some lengthy flowing in-depth interviews.

Geez I guess I’ll never know for sure…too bad..sort of.