November 2008

I wrote on Larry King’s blog tonight but didn’t cut the mustard it would appear. I was responding to his interview of Sarah Palin on his show Nov. 12th.

Perhaps my comments against Sarah Palin which didn’t seem any nastier than the others on the blog thread were too much for his moderation panel?
Was it because I called her an opportunistic, double-talking windbag? Or possibly it was the reference to her smarmy grin? Maybe it was the plea to get her off the airwaves. To give those of us living in the lower 48 some respite from her unintelligible, disingenuous, unaware, rambling non-answers?

It might have been my concern that maybe I was insane for tuning in with the hope for something different? Greater expectations too great?

Then again it could have been my parting appeal to Larry and the rest of CNN to reconsider their irritating manner of breaking for yet another commercial instead of providing some lengthy flowing in-depth interviews.

Geez I guess I’ll never know for sure…too bad..sort of.

Hi Jane,

The overwhelming pent up worldwide desire for positive change in the U.S. government is truly amazing. It goes to show you how important America’s leadership role is. After 8 years of Darth Vader and his chimp 90% of the world’s population and a substantial group of Americans, except those living in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee, are ready to embrace the new “Commander in Chief”.

However, the expectations of B.O. are messianic and this I’m afraid does not fit well with the role of “Commander in Chief”. B.O. is not becoming the Secretary General of the U.N. He is not going to electrify or run sewage lines in rural Kenya, nor is he going to be everything to all people of the world. He is today and for the next two months going to be sucked into the maw of the C.I.A., the N.S.A. and the Pentagon. B.O. will learn a new language and militaristic philosophy that will help him become the “Commander in Chief”. One can only hope that he uses his power judiciously. The first test will come in January. Will B.O. close Gitmo or will the Defence staff urge him to postpone the closing until every detainee has completed their water boarding sessions?

If B.O. does not, in short order, make decisions that will re-establish world respect for America then the honeymoon will be over quickly and “the second coming” will be a bust.


Hey Macky

We are already hearing from various parts of the world how this election will change peoples lives, but it was interesting yesterday on NPR when a journalist in Nigeria who, while congratulatory toward BO, also counseled his fellow Africans that this historic event doesn’t mean all of a sudden they have a free ticket into the USA. BO isn’t going to necessarily open the door to all of Africa just because of his connection to Kenya.
An Iranian on the same NPR report who was pleased by the prospect of a new US administration and excited it might mean a change in their own government in ten months, is concerned that this could encourage Israel to use major force preemptively against them before BO is sworn in, because their(Israel’s) actions would be sanctioned by the present administration but not necessarily by BO’s. That will indeed be a test of diplomacy for him.
Even the new Russian Pres was taking digs at BO and the USA in his first public speech already.

So history is made here and the world continues to turn. People and country’s have their own agenda’s and it seems are trigger itchy no matter who is in power in the lower 48.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take for the USA to complete it’s trek toward a lesser world power. It is/has lost it’s grip, I think, as a major player, financially, not to mention morally, and up until Tuesday night, spiritually. We owe so much money to so many institutions here and around the world it is scary, scary, scary.
In order to for the USA to get its own “financial house” in order, won’t it have to pull back from some of its international initiatives? I mean how can we/they afford not to?

It will be a real dance to pull it off successfully and convincingly if this country is to remain at the top.

BO is mesmerizing to listen to. Every time I hear him I think how could people NOT want the hopeful things he speaks of. Given he is messianic it strikes me as ironic that it was primarily the bible belt who turned away from him. Although I suppose some of that belt consider him the Antichrist….perhaps it is because he is God loving rather than God fearing?

Now is a test of the American mindset,…will the American public who supported his candidacy work toward achieving his ideals? Will we actually pay more than lip service to it, actually make sacrifices, work harder, consume less, conserve more, stop maintaining a sense of entitlement that has been encouraged to blossom these last few years? Can we become more humble,less fearful, and open up to a global world view?

Or will the American public revert back to their old ways figuring they’ve done their part by electing him and now it’s up to him to get the job done?

The verdict is still out on all sides of the table.