September 2008

Is the USA mature enough to elect a president who happens to be an African American?
Although Obama, like McCain, is unproven in office, he is someone who is willing to obtain the facts from all sides, use diplomacy at all costs, and make informed intelligent decisions. He also happens to be black.
The disgruntled Hillary diehards, the undecided electorate, and the GOP-at-all-costs voters need to dig deep within and examine their true motives for voting another inept Republican into office. It isn’t about experience and it isn’t about women, and it certainly isn’t about change. It’s about race.

Since when is a community organizer less patriotic then McCain or Palin .
When did the GOP corner the market on patriotism? Male or female?
Where are all the thoughtful creative concerned people who want to see change, if not real, at least compassionate in Washington?

Along with Waldo,WHERE’S OBAMA? Why haven’t we heard much from him, Biden, or for that matter, other Democrats, since Sarah Palin’s speech last Wednesday?
Have the Democrats gone into hiding? Lashing out only pitifully against the GOP juggernaut of disinformation.
Why isn’t Barack Obama out there reminding us what he and the Democrats stand for loud and clear, with all the eloquence and thoughtfulness that behooves a President?
We do not have to be bamboozled once again by the Republicans and their rhetoric aimed at belittling people who are intelligent free thinkers.

Do we not want a President who can think on his/her feet? One who can make important connections on global matters and speak to them without relying on their speechwriters or tele-prompters. We need a President who can create and maintain a dialogue both on a national and international level, not someone who can read a screen in front of them.

Throughout the primaries I wondered if the USA was mature enough to nominate either a woman or a black man to one of its’ major parties. Now that that question has been settled, I am wondering if they are mature enough to vote in a president who, although is as yet unproven, is one willing to listen to all sides, take in the facts, use diplomacy at all costs, and make intelligent decisions after collecting the information.

Why does America want to be known as a Shoot First, Ask Questions later kind of country? Where do we get off bullying other countries under the guise of spreading democracy when we abuse our own rights here at home?

America is caught up in the celebrity culture of style over substance, garnering their news from the likes of People Magazine and other “well informed” tabloids such as The National Enquirer,etc.
It is more and more apparent that people don’t really want to know what is going on out there. It is easy for us to blame big business interests lobbying for the continuation of distracting news rather than real news, but, in the long run it comes down to the American populous’ willingness to be spoon fed insincere, insignificant, moronic entertainment sound bytes, instead of demanding in-depth coverage. The sad fact is the desire to be entertained runs deeper than the desire to learn.

Why are the GOP and some major media outlets intent on misinforming Americans about global warming and climate change? Why aren’t people more concerned about polar bears floundering 60 miles out to sea because the ice fields they roam for food are melting away? (Oregonian WWF stat Sept.4 or 5th ,2008)
What is it about science that makes them reluctant to concede perhaps the human factor is indeed a factor in our global warming dilemma? Why can’t we have politicians who are willing to be brutally honest with their constituents about the need to curb their consumption of energy? Why can’t people be allowed to make their own choices about their bodies when it comes to abortion or stem cell research?
Why can’t we teach both creationism and evolution in the classroom? Why does it have to be either or?
If people were willing to be informed they could make informed decisions for or against, for themselves, without imposing their beliefs on others.

Isn’t it imperative to have both Liberal and Conservative judges on the Supreme Court? Wasn’t America formed by people who wouldn’t take no for an answer? They took their job seriously when they set out to create a country that was safe for opposing thought to flourish, to allow for questioning and, to make room for dissension, surmising correctly that it would promote discussion amongst their peoples. This fundamental right is one of the things that make America a truly great nation.


I never sent this in because truthfully it needs a lot of work but the questions are still relevant and people need to ask themselves.. how much do they want to think and how much don’t they?

and somehow despite the fact that I am on my computer almost everyday this blog just doesn’t seem to fill up with the multitude of thoughts roving around in my head. I know part of that is the internal editor jumping in and stopping me from writing, particularly if what is pushing forward to be expressed is around someone I know or love. Thoughts come tumbling forth but are stopped, scrutinized and discarded not necessarily as unworthy but perhaps sensitive in nature, potentially exposing of foibles or information that might not ought to be public. I have great conversations with myself trying on the other sides viewpoint or at least trying to understand it without projecting my own “stuff” onto them. Doesn’t always work and I will fret some before stepping back and undergoing a wee epiphany which happily loosens up the internal dialogue….lets go of the chattering monkeys…so to speak… thus enabling me to get on with my day,my week, my life, or create newer more satisfying dialogue. This is especially true when I am out walking the dog on the fabulous green trails behind our house. There is something to be said for the head clearing qualities of fresh air…earthy, musty, olfactory filling delight that it is. Interrupted only occasionally by the not so sweet smell of canine bowel deposits. Understood to be a most needed function but phew wait until I’m past you buddy!~ He looks back at me with that gaze of sorrow and joy mixed into one. As if saying sorry with noticeable relief;)
here’s a question for ya…Do dogs think?
I am of the opinion that indeed they do. Not only that but they also emote,reason and problem solve,have strong memories and recognition,are curious,love unconditionally …even the times when they are kicked off the bed for apparently no good reason their minds anyway.