So that last post only took me 8 months to get onto the blog! Yikes.
I have had a lot of great adventures since I was on the Deschutes last June.
I went to my cousin Georgia VandeWater’s wedding in Halifax which was a whole lot of East Coast/Polish/ good food and drink…fun, fun, fun.
We spread some of dad’s ashes in Halifax harbour right next to one of the huge naval buoys that the ships tie up to. A very fitting resting place for him since he was an expeditor, supplying the ships in WW2 in that very same harbour.
Then my Mom and I went to Newfoundland, where I had never been, for a five day whirlwind tour. We got to visit my good friend Bernie in Twillingate and saw our first iceberg,albeit atleast fifteen to twenty miles out to sea. It was the first one they had come down in 2 years. Twillingate is known as Iceberg Alley so perhaps Al Gore isn’t so off the mark in his Inconvenient Truth!
Yes I finally made it to the ROCK!
For Mom it was a trip down memory lane as she was stationed at two different bases, Gander, and just outside Saint John’s, during WW2. At that time Newfoundland was still part of the British Empire so she was actually Overseas…weird hunh!

In late July I drove back to Canada with Jera as my copilot and an 18 foot wooden sea kayak on my roof…To be deposited at the Cottage.
Got lots of work done around the Point last summer…even more to do this summer…it never ends! The red shag is no more..sorry Aunt Marg and Uncle Laurie. My good pal Friday helped me rip up the carpeting in three of the rooms, and the two layers of linoleum beneath it. I would have loved to have saved the original covering but it was quite dark and worn in many so spots that I had to settle for saving a piece of it for old times sake.
I wonder what dad would have thought if he had been alive to see it. As it was my Aunt Jean, my Mom , and Marg and Bob Hunter are probably the only ones to remember what the cottage was like 60 years ago.

Joe and I had a good visit with Jen and Craig and kids(young teenagers..long legged and gorgeous) at their new cottage outside of Burk’s Falls. Jen gave me a bike tour of the area and we were only a few hours late leaving when it was discovered that Joe had inadvertantly locked the keys in the car…oh well.
We made it over to Phil and Penny’s cottage which Joe had never seen and I hadn’t been to in quite a while. There was intense preparation going on for one of Kyle’s pals who was celebrating a birthday that weekend so didn’t get to see much of them…Jess was already in Australia by then,we did get to met the inimitable Sherman…approximately 2 feet of Weiner dog love..very sweet!

In September Brother Steve turned FIFTY..oh shit what does that make me?
After the party Mom and I drove back to Portland. She was a real trooper putting up with my internal drive to get home to see my sweetie pie who had only been able to stay for two weeks through my time there.

In October my sister Susie and I went on a 200 km six day horse safari through Rajasthan India, after a very quick stopover in Agra and a walk through the magnificant Taj Mahal. Our hotel had a fabulous view of the Taj of which I attempted to get some early morning shots of,but truthfully it is better up close.
We met up with some friends at the end of our horseback ride in Pushkar at the annual Camel Fair. Imagine the Royal Winter Fair in the middle of the desert with camels,horses,cows,goats,and bulls, and you’re getting some semblance of an idea of what it is like.
Colourful stalls filled with all sorts of “Accessorizing” options for your camel or horse line the sandy streets.Food stalls,open grills,pots of rice and curries sent exotic wafts of culinary curiousities our way. Not that I would try them mind you. I wanted to enjoy my trip not spend it on a bed next to the washroom!