13.jpg11.jpg10.jpg9.jpg8.jpg7.jpg6.jpg5.jpg4.jpg3.jpg2.jpg1.jpg0.jpgI can’t believe it is a month since we spent a weekend with Hannah,Chris, Blake and Ethan at Disneyland…. What a blast…..not to mention somewhat overwhelming,noisy,crowded,fun,and exhausting!
It was great to hear Ethan say “That was awesome!” and for Blake to face some scary rides and walk away feeling good about having done them afterward.We spent three days between Disneyland and California Adventure….you would really like some of the better rides…actually you may have already been.
It was my first time,Joe’s too…not bad to hold out for 45/58 years hunh?!Or as we say in Canada…eh!

One of the rides at California Adventure is called “Soaring”. It’s a tribute to California’s aviators and it reminded me of an Omnimax screen (isn’t there one at the Planetarium next to the ROM in Toronto?)
You sat in these rows of seats three tiers high and then they lifted you off the ground and moved you forward so that the screen fills your vision and then you soar/fly over all these great sights of California.
The seats can tilt side to side so you feel like you’re in the aircraft following whatever is in front of you. It was cool. We were on the bottom tier when we went but the kids went a second time after we had to go to catch our flight home and they sat in the top row which they said was even better!

It even smelt like lemons when we flew over the lemon orchards!

It was pretty amazing to see the rides from the fifties and know that they were the state of the art then and then compare them to the newer more sophisticated rides. Some of the newer ones had shorter lines than the old ones! Really!
You have to hand it to them too….the art direction is pretty awesome all around…the details were fabulous..sure some of them looked a bit tacky but overall they provided the goods each time.

We’re not in a huge hurry to go back but maybe some day!

okay enough disney whirled for now.