Well thankfully my yellow Labrador, Jera, isn’t going to get the boot! Nope I’m allergic to smaller nastier things that you can barely see like… Mites! Yuck Have you ever seen how ugly those critters are?And totally microscopic… Best suggestion was to start by buying these tightly woven pillow case covers to go over my down pillows so next stop is Linens and Things. Hopefully it will give me some relief without having to pull out the big guns..like regular allergy shots or bathroom cupboards full of Claritin. I may need to get a cover for our duvet too but the technician recommended I wait till I’ve tried the pillowcase covers for a bit before shelling out even bigger bucks for it.

Mites were the winner with a score of 11, then a couple of moulds but nothing too severe,8’s I think,a pine mix at 7…which I’ll need to greater clarification with that one. Anything 7 or higher is considered troublesome. I believe that is the size of the welt that forms on my arm after being injected with the allergen….in millimetres.

I wasn’t tested for any foods and will have to decide if that is necessary further down the road.

Tomorrow Joe and I are heading to Anaheim California where Hannah,Chris, Blake and Ethan are meeting us Saturday morning to take Disneyland by storm for the following three days. I’m pretty excited. I’ve never been and I am totally pumped to see Ethan and Blake’s expressions as we tour around the two parks,Disneyland and California Adventure. We opted to stay just outside the maingate and I hope that is a good decision. It’s going to be a learning experience for sure.

We’ve made reservations to have dinner at the Blue Bayou restaurant which is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I can’t believe I’ve fallen for the whole nine yards…American Consumerism at it’s best…. but how often do you get to have this kind of fun with your three year old grandson. I suspect Blake at nine might be a bit more subdued but hopefully not! I’m excited to be going with the two of them,just to experience it through their eyes will make it all worth while.

So see you next week!