Last night was our first shift which went pretty well for the most part,still working out the kinks with the crew but everyone seems enthusiastic and excited to be here so that’s good! We had a full house in each theatre even the late screening. Tonight we will have a full slate which means we will seat six films over the course of our shift,two of them at the same time.
Hopefully either one will be busy and the other not so busy or neither of them will be busy or the nightmare option….both of them will be crazy…won’t know till I get there….always curious to know what goes on in the programmer’s minds when they do this to us.
I met the film critic for the Oregonian yesterday in our theatre,very approachable nice guy. Forgot to ask him what his picks were for the fest.

I did see a documentary called The World According to Sesame Street, which I suppose could be construed as an informercial for Sesame Street because it was all about their international program called Sesame Workshop where they go around the world creating Sesame Street TV shows for different countries.
However I thought it was very much a feel good film because what they are doing is going out there educating children and promoting tolerance. They are extremely concious of not imposing the American way of life but instead incorporating the cultures and values that the children come from. Giving them programming that relates to their own life experiences.
It did feel like a PBS TV special but hey it’s still a great thing they are accomplishing and if the kids are benefiting how can it be bad?
Especially if they’re teaching them about Aids/HIV in South Africa or promoting tolerance between the Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo,or trumpeting their heritage in Bangaldesh?
More later.