Tuesday Jan 17 – 11:25 am.
So I’m stuck at the Boise Travel Center waiting for Triple A to arrive. Stuck at a truck stop because they can’t fix my flat tire. How ironic and slightly ridiculous . All these big trucks floating around with a full service station for Semis but nothing available for regular cars or SUVs except gas.
Monday I drove about eight and a half hours from Portland to Boise through some treacherous road condtions on a couple of passes between Pendleton and Baker City. Saw a couple of trucks stuck in snow, jack knifed off the road. It took an hour and a half longer to make the drive because of the weather and slow snow plows.
I suspect my flat is a product of truck chains I passed on the road. A number of them were strewn along the route and I definitely drove over some of them.

It figures!

Especially since I slept at a hotel near the airport and when I left this morning I bypassed the Chevron station that sat kitty corner to the hotel thinking I would find gas cheaper along the way. Once on the road I immediatley noticed it felt weird to drive so I pulled off into the truck stop,called Triple A,and discovered they were at the airport Chevron..arrggghh…the choices we make!?
Sure the gas was cheaper but I have just wasted an hour waiting for Mr Chevron to arrive…okay not completely wasted because I got to write but still out of the realm of what and where I had planned to be for the last 60 minutes.
Anyway the guy just came and pumped up the tire and convoyed me back to the Chevron so they can fix the tire.

Soooo now I am sitting across the road from where I slept waiting for the nice guys here to finish up. Just hope I am back on the road with enough time to get me to Park City.
So far it’s going to be a squeak but I might be able to do it!

I twiddle my thumbs or tap my keyboard while Fox news plays out in front of me.

12:40 pm
Turns out it wasn’t a wayward chain but something they called chip rock,just a small piece of triangular razor edged rock smaller than my baby fingernail wedged into the tire. That’s the good news….the bad news is they are recommending with the wear on my tires that it’s time to replace all four tires! Yikes…Shit…not what I want to hear at all!
Now I’m waiting to hear how much its going to cost me…. but you know its bad when the salesmen sits down to tell you. 🙂
I’m actually more concerned about getting there on time but we’ll see if I need to let that thought go for now.
It’s going to be about 120 a tire….plus tax…they won’t honor the Oregon no sales tax that Washington state does…bummer.
So now I wait for them to do their magic.

They did a great job getting me back on the road in less than an hour.

The drive down from Boise to Park City is only supposed to take a little over five hours but with rain, wind, snow,slush, hail, sleet,and unfamiliar roads of wide open stretches coupled with lousy wind shield wiper blades it took nearly seven hours. Here’s hoping it’s clear on the way home.

Friday Jan.20 – 2:22 am
Having said all that it’s good to be back in Park City. They’ve had lots of snow and are expecting lots more over the course of the festival. Yippee!
I’ve reconnected with lots of old friends,caught up with them and their lives, or heard about other pals who didn’t make it this year due to one reason or another.
We finished our two days of mandatory training this evening by leaving the venue as close to set up as we could. Friday is the big day…the first full day of the festival with all the venues running and production scrambling to meet everyone’s needs.

Tonight we were able to see our first film Friends with Money. Very well done,funny and poignant. It’s about four women friends in LA and where they are at respectively in their lives, all in their early forties…some better off then others…but each with their own issues….people issues …or better yet perhaps…perception issues. Either of themselves or each other. More than just a good chick flick as the guys get lots of screen time too.
Looking forward to seeing some good documentaries as well…will keep you posted.