Tuesday night I was so beat I went to bed at 8:30 pm and fell right asleep. For anyone who knows me, I am the consummate night hawk so I was pretty startled with myself but too tired to do anything about it.
Of course so much sleep allowed me to wake up at 4:30 Wednesday morning,uncertain at first what sound had woken me. It was the furnace laboring to click on which it did eventually.
I lay there thinking about going back to sleep,but instead I turned on the light to finish Joan Didion’s book The Year of Magical Thinking.
It resonated in some respects considering dad’s death this past October but what it really made me think about is how I would feel if it were Joe. I’m not ready to be a widow. I mean I’m barely married. Four years in March does not make me a long time bride by any stretch of the imagination…not to me anyway.
I felt for her, all the upheaval she experienced, first with her husband’s sudden death and then all the agony of not knowing whether her daughter would live through her own sudden illness and the long term care it required. I thought I had heard that she didn’t, but that wasn’t what came out in the book, so now I’ll have to do some background checking to see if I missed something.
An odd way to begin the day but satisfying to finish a book so a new one can be started.
Finished also another revision of my script,added some scenes,deleted some others,reworked some others,now I need to go through and read it again to tighten it up some more, before I submit it to the screenwriting contest I have set my sights on.
I felt so good about the work I accomplished I took Jera on his second walk of the day. This time a three miler around Fairmount Blvd with some friends.
Jera can be a little unnerving with his casualness around cars but I have faith in him knowing to stay out of the way. He moves to the side when I tell him.
He’s definitely car conscious having been around them all his life but he’s a bit blase at times.
Went to see the animation movie Wallace and Gromit:Curse of the Were Rabbit last night.
It was very,sweet,poignant and funny, with all the great puns and double entendres the British are so good at expressing. The film preceding was a spin off one about the four penguins from the film Madagascar and their misadventures around Christmas time. Also fun to watch.
I liked that Wallace and Gromit was in an old style claymation format. It must have taken years to complete it. Part of me wished that Gromit could talk and part of me was glad he had to express himself in other ways. I think I’m smitten by him 🙂