Today I go see the doctor for my first post op appointment. Yesterday I took Jera for a walk on my own and found I was pretty exhausted by the time I got back. We went slowly but I still felt bushed when I got back,after I had some dinner I crashed for a couple of hours.
On the walk I noticed my teeth were feeling kind of weird. As if they weren’t exactly attached to my gums. Sounds a bit odd but that’s what it felt like.
I had a call from the anaesthetist last night. He just wanted to check on how I was doing, which I thought was pretty professional of him. When I relayed some of my experiences of the past few days he reminded me that I had undergone a big surgery,emphasis on the big.
I guess I haven’t really absorbed what was done to me. Having sinus surgery sounds so benign,not big or dangerous like heart surgery or opening up your stomach or a mastectomy,not that he compared it to those,in fact I wish I had asked him what he would compare it to just so I could have a better sense of what big meant to him.

Joe’s gone again for a few days with clients. I miss him when he’s gone. This month we won’t see each other much as I’ll be gone for the last two weeks at Sundance, and he’ll be here or traveling himself.
Presumeably my strength will continue to grow, especially since I’ll be walking Jera more often than this past week.
I added some new links to the site this morning,check them out.