Yesterday was the first day I went out of the house for more than getting the newspaper.
We went to visit some friends in the country and took Jera our dog so he could romp around in the countryside. We hiked up off on old logging trail first passing the carcasses of atleast two dead elk. Apparently the hunters field dressed them off the road instead of in the field. Jera could have fit inside one of them…and he’s a big dog.
It felt great to be outside breathing fresh air. It actually stopped raining for the time we were out and the sun even came through the clouds at one point. It was too foggy for a clear view to Rainier but it was spectacular nonetheless.
We took our time getting back but I noticed how tired I was almost right away. We stayed for dinner which was delicious but I was fighting feeling nauseous the whole time.
I had to nap after dinner as I was falling asleep at the table.
I felt badly about being a bad guest but they were very understanding.
When we finally did get home I went straight to bed.
Today Sunday I could barely move from bed. I haven’t taken any Vicodan today but have felt light-headed and really exhausted all day.
I got up to have dinner with Joe and Silas who arrived off his crutches(good to see) but went back to bed almost right away. I’ve been in and out of consciousness ever since.
I’m hoping this week will be a more productive one with the healing allowing me more mobility and less bed time.
got my fingers crossed at any rate!