Wow, after feeling pretty good yesterday,being mobile,doing a few chores around the house, I never expected to stay in bed all day today feeling totally zonked.
Luckily my friend, Ste Jennifer has been around to stay with me while Joe has been away at a partner’s meeting.
She has been a godsend truely! She stayed over last night and is staying again tonight. She has been walking Jera for me,making sure I have food and water,keeping me company, even coming home to check on me over her lunch breaks. I am really grateful that she has been able to be here for me.

Ste. Jennifer is also very attentive to details…today she brought me lunch on a cookie sheet that she had covered with a placemat,included a matching napkin and had bowls of fresh fruit for me to eat,along with apple sauce and water and hot soup and tea and cookies. She thinks of everything!
Presentation has it’s rewards and I did my best to eat most of what was before me.
It’s also been gratifying to have friends check in by phone to see how I’m doing and check on my progress. Thanks Banana(aka Dr Susanne) for the daily calls and pep talks!

My cheeks aren’t feeling so inflamed today but I’ve noticed what a strange sensation it is to have bigger air pockets up behind them. I go from feeling congested to feeling clearer in my breathing. It’s odd how it goes back and forth.
The bridge of my nose feels odd too. Not quite sure how to explain why but it does. This might sound gross but when I look in the mirror up my nostrils I can see more area than I used to be able to, which must mean the doctor cut out or cut away to enlarge the space.
Which probably explains the odd sensations I’m having up there.
My neck is sore from lying in bed at an angle even with the Bucky buckwheat pillow under it to give me added support.
Overall I guess everything is more tender today.
I’ve been taking less Vicodan since I haven’t had a lot of pain,mostly some intermittant stuff. However, I’ve lost track of when exactly I took my last one.
So I guess I’ll have to make it up from here and start again.

I had to miss my friend’s art opening tonight which was a bummer. I had hoped to go but by four thirty when I was still in bed I let it go…sorry Margot I was looking forward to it.
Ste Jenn is back from walking Jera and I can hear her making dinner noises in the kitchen.
Think I’ll get up and see what’s going on for a little bit.