First day back in the land of the living..okay so I wasn’t dead and I didn’t have an out of body experience while I was on the table but it did take me a while to get my bearings post op. I felt pretty woozy and very unsteady when I finally tried to get up for a pee.
I was surprised at how nauseous I felt,I guess from the anaesthetic and morphine combo. Plus…Did you know that morphine can make you very itchy?
I was scratching myself all afternoon,all over my body, after I came to and even part of today.
My throat’s been sore because they intubated me for the general anaesthetic..atleast that’s what I was told. Also my neck was cramped for the same reason. Apparently your body is manouevered into uncomfortable postions that only become more apparent when you wake up.
Mostly I’m having a hard time getting used to the idea of not blowing my nose. I guess it could cause problems by creating excessive bleeding or something,but migod it’s such a natural thing to do when you feel that post nasal drip drip drip going on.
I mean…Who wouldn’t want to expel it?
It feels like I’m running a fever,my cheeks are red and a bit swollen, but overall I guess I can say it was a success.
Of course I’m still congested just like the doc warned me I’d be and I haven’t stopped taking the Vicodan as a precaution against potential pain.
Today’s diet consisted of a blueberry banana yogurt smoothy early this morning,a pudding cup with mandarin oranges, toast and a chai tea late morning, some chicken in the afternoon,a cup of red rose tea at five and pizza tonight for dins. Topped off by a cup of hot Chocolate Smooth Move…which I’m hoping will go into effect sooner than later…if you catch my drift.
So that’s it for today..onward and upward..