So I’m going in for Sinus surgery this morning. Not sure whether I should be concerned or not but I am definitely tired of sniffling my way through the day.
I have confidence in my doctor/surgeon but look forward to the end of the day when everything will be finished.
Friends who have had it, say it’s okay and are happy with their results. It’s just the long recovery period I’m not so keen on. No exercise or travel for atleast two weeks,and I can’t blow my nose for five days…ironic isn’t it?
However I figured I might as well get it done before I head off to Sundance for the Film Festival. So next time you see me you can ask how was the nose job? I can hear my near twin brother as I write that…”and whatta a nose!” But it takes one to know one right Stu?
Anyway,it feels like a good way to start off the New Year. A fresh start in one part of my life, AND, I get to use up my health insurance deductible right off the bat!
(I keep wondering if I’ll ever understand the health insurance system in this country…but that’s for another day.)
time to go